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Applying Advanced Analytics to Give you A Competitive Edge

We are awash in data! What separates the top performers from the rest is how that data is utilized. Typically our clients don’t have a problem acquiring data. They have a challenge using data. We combine skilled data scientist and talented data engineers with industry consultants who have deep industry expertise and insights to help our clients create a competitive advantage by:

  • optimizing operations using predictive analytics,

  • fine tuning market campaigns and programs with data driven insights and analysis; and,

  • driving strategic decisions and investments using advanced analytics driven forecasts, intelligent dashboards, and reports.

    This allows our clients to win in todays dynamic and competitive markets.

  • Developed the first predictive analytics cloud based platform for optimizing printer and MFP fleets which reduces wasted supplies by over 80%.

  • Accurately predicted major business model shifts in office product industry years before anyone else such as the shift to MPS as a dominant go to market model

  • Work in multiple industries including office products, semi-conductor manufacturing, packaging equipment, visual surveillance, nuclear energy and more

  • Developed predictive replenishment, manufacturing quality, and service solutions using both cloud based and on-premise deployment models.

  • Leading consulting to major OEMs, distribution partners, and dealers in the office products industry.

  • On the ground project experience in over 50 countries



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