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Applying Advanced Analytics to Give you A Competitive Edge

We are awash in data! What separates the top performers from the rest is how that data is utilized. Typically our clients don’t have a problem acquiring data. They have a challenge using data. We combine skilled data scientist and talented data engineers with industry consultants who have deep industry expertise and insights to help our clients create a competitive advantage by:

  • optimizing operations using predictive analytics,

  • fine tuning market campaigns and programs with data driven insights and analysis; and,

  • driving strategic decisions and investments using advanced analytics driven forecasts, intelligent dashboards, and reports.

  • providing insightful analysis, briefings, and reports to optimize your marketing strategies and tactics

    This allows our clients to win in todays dynamic and competitive markets.

By combining our deep imaging industry background, data, and heritage with leading edge data science techniques and skills, Virtulytix provides a new type of industry analyst firm which goes beyond pontification to action. We enable clients to use their data to optimize business processes, craft winning competitive strategies, and build sustainable strategic plans while still providing boutique level client service and customization. While our heritage and expertise lies in the imaging industry, we are now applying this across industries by engaging (as needed) industry experts and partners in manufacturing, construction/general contracting, nuclear power, semiconductor, and of course - the imaging industry. A few examples of our accomplishment include:

  • Developed the first predictive analytics cloud based platform for optimizing printer and MFP fleets which reduces wasted supplies by over 80%.

  • Accurately predicted major business model shifts in office product industry years before anyone else such as the shift to MPS as a dominant go to market model

  • Work in multiple industries including office products, semi-conductor manufacturing, packaging equipment, visual surveillance, nuclear energy and more

  • Developed predictive replenishment, manufacturing quality, and service solutions using both cloud based and on-premise deployment models.

  • Deploying an on-premise predictive analytics solution for semiconductor processing to identify and replace bad chips before the wafer ‘goes to glass’ resulting in significant gains in yield. This included integrating the solution with existing manufacturing systems and training the client to manage and deploy the solution.

  • On the ground project experience in over 50 countries



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