In managed print environments, cost management, productivity, and profitability are key measurements of a successful program. Toner cartridges are regularly changed prematurely leading to increased cost and reduced profitability for service providers in managed print engagements. In fact, based on our analysis, 15% of toner is wasted of average. This occurs for a variety of reasons including early replacement based on low toner alerts and early cartridge shipment based on linear algorithms that do not take into account business seasonality, among others.  If a cartridge is depleted and a replacement is not readily available, the device is down which impacts productivity.  Utilizing advanced analytics, accurate automated forecasts of empty cartridges can be created which take into account how an individual device is used including types of printing (i.e. print intensity/coverage, mono vs. color), print volume, and seasonal variations leading to increased efficiency and profit margin for service providers.