Keeping a Close Eye on Your MPS program

Sales translate into profits for your company. However, in today’s cut throat competitive environment, is that enough? 

Manager Print Services (MPS) programs are set up to curb client costs while enabling smooth operation of the fleet and payed for based on usage. Virtulytix uses advanced analytics to deliver the same benefits to MPS dealers.

What are dashboards?

Dashboards are information visualization tools that can be used to monitor, analyze and help in decision making. There are 3 types of dashboards:

1)     Operational dashboards

2)     Strategic dashboards

3)     Analytical dashboards

In this blog we will analyze operational dashboards in the imaging industry with the help of examples.

An operational dashboard is used to monitor the day to day business. These dashboards are viewed anywhere from every minute to a couple of times a day. In terms of the imaging industry, dashboards would help:

1)     Supervisors to track service representatives out on duty

2)     Dealerships with manual toner fulfillment to make informed shipping decisions

3)     Warehouse manager to track demand and supply

What does Virtulytix bring to the table?

Aside from real-time dashboards to monitor the current transactions in the MPS environments, Virtulytix adds predictive and prescriptive insights to these dashboards to improve operational efficiency. Let us consider a couple of the above-mentioned use-cases.

1)     What if supervisors had knowledge of a fuser failure that would occur tomorrow at the same site where his service representative is fixing a paper jam today? Predictive analytics would help curb costs.

NR 7.26 Blog pic 1.png

This dashboard is intended to provide supervisors with a high-level view of the operations for the day. At a glance the supervisor is aware of the current load on each of his service representatives, the locations that they will cover, the types of incidents and the volume. Predicted failures close to the service sites are visualized at the bottom right hand corner along with the probability of it occurring within the next 5 days.

1)     In case of dealership with manual toner fulfillment, if the supplies department could know the cartridges predicted to run empty in the next "n" days and ship it to the clients without the clients having to raise requests.


NR 7.26 Blog Pic 2.png

This dashboard lists the cartridges predicted to run empty in the next 10 days and compares the estimated days to the days required for shipping. Cartridges which require immediate shipping are highlighted in red to avoid any further delay.

Each MPS dealer has different requirements, operational dashboards can be customized to help MPS dealers keep a close eye on their assets and increase operational efficiency. Analytical insights can be visualized on these dashboards to solve problems or meet certain objective. How to guide decision making with the help of strategic and analytical MPS dashboards will be covered in future blogs.