The Future of Imaging... Part 1

From Typewriters to the Data Era .. The Beginning

 Ed Crowley, Virtulytix, Chief Thought Leader (CTO)

The world of imaging in the office is changing at an accelerating pace. In the five previous major eras of office imaging, we have seen each successive era become shorter in length, with increasing technology, economic, and social change. The pre-electronic era where typewriters ruled lasted 124 years. The last era, the services and commodity products era, lasted twelve. We propose that we are entering into the next era, the data era, where the focus shifts from technology, services, and products to using data to improve business processes, profits, and to ensure viability of the business. This new era has dramatic implications for who is at work, how they will work, and what their workplace is. Led by a new generation of workers, millennials, it will be fundamentally different than the eras which preceded it in almost every respect.

In this series of blogs, I will trace the history of office imaging and discuss the major technologies, user dynamics, and even economic drivers associated with each transition by breaking the industry’s evolution down into six distinct eras. This is not meant to be the definitive document about our industry, but rather a way to drive discussion and dialogue about where our industry is heading (and what it means for your business). As such, I encourage your comments, disagreement, acknowledgement, and/or debate – just be sure to engage.

At the conclusion of this series of five blogs (with 1 blog for each era), I will be holding a complimentary webinar on how to thrive in the new Data Era, as well as providing access to a free white paper covering is critical topic. So please join me on this journey and share your thoughts and opinions on our LinkedIn discussion group at Imaging Industry Transformation.

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