A market dashboard for the office print and imaging industry that provides data with insightful analysis from industry expert analysts. You could call it your “personal” industry advisory service.






+ What exactly is OFFICE JAVA?

  • OFFICE JAVA is the first self-service subscription-based market intelligence service for the office imaging and printing industry.
  • It is a market dashboard that provides data with insightful analysis from industry expert analysts. You could call it your “personal” industry advisory service.

+ Who is OFFICE JAVA for?

  • OFFICE JAVA is for anyone who needs to stay on top of current, and projected future, market trends in the office imaging and printing industry. From executives to marketing professionals, product planning to salespeople, corporate intelligence professionals to the financial investment community, OFFICE JAVA provides a daily dose of market dynamics, forecasts, analysis and real-world office printing trends.
  • OFFICE JAVA is perfect dealers and print providers who want to keep a pulse on the imaging industry but at an affordable cost to them. Before OFFICE JAVA, nothing was really available to them. Data is given with insights to help in daily decision making and provide thought leadership for “workplace of the future” strategic planning.

+ Does OFFICE JAVA replace full-service market intelligence services from Virtulytix?

  • No. Virtulytix will continue to provide full-service corporate market intelligence services such as annual forecasts and tables, client projects, multi-client studies and other consulting and advisory services.
  • OFFICE JAVA will display data and provide analysis from these full-service corporate deliverables in easy to digest daily ‘bites’ for individuals to view, think about and use in their daily and short-term planning and work.

+ What do you mean by OFFICE JAVA ‘democratizing’ market intelligence?

  • The dictionary defines ‘democratizing’ as “making something accessible to everyone”.
  • That is exactly what OFFICE JAVA is designed to do. As an affordable monthly or annual individual subscription, OFFICE JAVA gives better access to market data for those who may not have had, or didn’t have,regular access to it before.
  • Rather than wait for an annual “state of the industry” review, subscribers of OFFICE JAVA will gain market data and insightful analysis on a daily basis that will be usable, actionable and make them better prepared to understand the larger datasets and analyses for annual strategic planning.

+ What is the Page Volume Index (PVI)?

  • The PVI is an index created from comparing weekly median page volumes from the fleet of devices that Virtulytix monitors through the SuppliesIQ™ solution, to a selected weekly median page volume index point.
  • Currently that index point is the third week of January 2018. By comparing total median page volume to the selected index point the PVI provides visualization of whether printing is higher (increasing) or lower (decreasing) from that index point. The PVI tracks total (mono + color) median page volume, mono median page volume and color median page volume.
  • It is a 52-week view against the index point.

+ How many devices are monitored to create the PVI?

  • The PVI has been created through the monitoring of over 20,000 devices by SuppliesIQ™.
  • This fleet of devices will continue to grow to provide an even more accurate and insightful real-world view of page volume trends in the office.

+ Isn’t OFFICE JAVA just another blog or news service to subscribe to?

  • No. OFFICE JAVA is designed to provide objective market data with insightful analysis daily to subscribers.
  • While OFFICE JAVA does offer news feeds, we have tried to make it easier to ‘sift’ through the information to allow subscribers to select the companies and topics of which they would like to see news.
  • Virtulytix has a separate free blog on the Virtulytix web site at
  • https://www.virtulytix.com/intel and has a LinkedIn page at
  • https://www.linkedin.com/company/virtulytix/.

+ Why would I want to subscribe to OFFICE JAVA when my company already has an annual subscription or agreement with other industry analysis firms?

  • OFFICE JAVA will not replace the annual corporate services that Virtulytix or other industry firm offer.
  • However, unlike those services, which usually have limited access to few individuals which require those individuals to manipulate large data sets, OFFICE JAVA is a self-service subscription service that will give any individual subscriber access to digestible market data with insightful analysis each day.
  • It is a perfect way to ensure individual executives, team members, sales professionals and others are kept abreast of important trends and have easy, direct access to expert industry analysts whenever they need them.

+ What is the length of time with an analyst when I schedule through OFFICE JAVA?

  • Normally the call will be approximately 30 minutes.
  • However, if additional discussion or research is needed the analyst will take the time to provide the most complete response possible to the caller.

+ How do I get more in-depth data, tables, reports or presentations?

  • Virtulytix provides full service corporate consulting and advisory services that include forecasts with in depth data tables, forecast dashboards, special reports and studies as well as briefings and special presentations.
  • Please contact ron.iversen@virtulytix.com for more information.


Information to guide your business and strategy decisions

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Page Volume Index

The line graph represents the weekly median page volume indexed relative to the third week of 2018 , based on 21,600 devices

Virtulytix Views


Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 5.07.41 PM.png

Market Dynamics

Global segment 3 & 4 Laser and CISS MFP Shipment Revenue by format

In Million $

What kind of machine sales revenue shifts are full-width array, stationary print head business inkjet MFPs (i.e. HP PageWide) and other continuous ink supply system (CISS) printers causing in the office MFP global market?

- Virtulytix believes CISS and PageWide inkjet printer use in the office will accelerate and take office printer market share from lasers.

- After 2020 A4 business Inkjet shipment revenue in this category will surpass A4 Laser shipment revenue.

- By 2022 A4 business Inkjet shipment revenue in this category will be nearing A3 Laser shipment revenue.

- Business inkjet A3 machine revenue will show modest growth but remain a small portion of overall machine revenue in these MFP segments.

More information is available in Virtulytix 2018 Forecasts and Perspectives. Contact Ron Iversen for details.

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