Predictive Analytics Products


Improve supplies replenishment, streamline supplies delivery, reduce waste, maximize profits.

Actionable Insights - SuppliesIQ is designed to integrate flexibly into your existing infrastructure. Predictions can be sent via email, viewed via interactive dashboard, or integrate directly into your ERP system.

New clients can try the solution free of charge. To see what level of savings is achievable for your organization.


SMART Forecast

Affordable, Easy to Use, Custom Data Visualization tool

Intelligence dashboard for the office printing and imaging industry which allows you to make comparisons, and analyze the data without being an expert on databases or pivot tables

Easily replicable with data from your industry



Coming Soon…

Often, our clients want to start using Advanced Analytics, but don't know where to start. We designed the Use Case Workshops as an economical way to get started while building consensus among the key stake holders.

During the workshop we will investigate the following:

  • Business Objectives: What key problems are you trying to solve? What goals are you trying to achieve? What is keeping you from reaching these?

  • Success Metrics: How would you measure success?

  • Data Landscape: What data to you have available today? What additional data is necessary? What is the current state of your data?

  • Tool Ecosystem: Which tools are you using today if any? What additional tools are needed.

  • Skillset Requirements: What level of knowledge about Advanced Analytics does your firm already possess - we'll make sure everyone gets on the same page, speaking the same language. Which existing resources can be used and where are the gaps?

  • Likelihood of Success: What level of savings or additional revenue opportunity can be reasonably expected?

The scope for a Use Case Workshop will vary depending on the complexity of your end-goals. We can help you get started by crafting a workshop tailored specifically for you to meet your budget.

Perhaps you've begun working with your data, but you've either hit a road-block or can't process the mountain of data before you. Let us help. We have the tools and resources to do the detective work necessary to find the hidden patterns in your data sets which are used for creating hypotheses, predictive models, and ultimately solutions for improving your business. 

The primary activities included in data preparation and exploration include:

  • Data Consolidation: Identify, collect, select and integrate data from multiple sources

  • Data Cleansing: Fill in missing values, identify or remove outliers, and resolve inconsistencies

  • Data Transformation: Normalize data, aggregate data, and construct new features in preparation for modeling

  • Data Understanding: Through iterative experimentation, we are able to gain insights into your data and the potential for predictive modeling

  • Communication: We will report our findings to you in our Data Readiness report which outlines the current state of your data, potential gaps, and the potential for successful Advanced Analytics solutions.

Several of our clients have data and/or an idea of what they want the solution to be, but don't have the necessary tools, resources or experience to create, deploy, and/or integrate the final solution with their existing infrastructure. Let us help! We have extensive experience working with our clients to create custom solutions.