Virtulytix Selects Channel Partners for 2018 Leaders Index


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Virtulytix Selects Channel Partners for 2018 Leaders Index

LEXINGTON, KY (July 19, 2018)—Virtulytix has selected 7 independent, channel partners around the world as leaders in managed print services (MPS), based on demonstrated leadership in MPS.

The Leaders Index for MPS Channel Partners is a collection of select, independent MPS partners from around the world that are regarded as the gold standard in managed print and document services. Virtulytix classifies this index of elite providers from across Africa, North America, and Europe, as a lens to view the current landscape of MPS.

“As the managed services landscape reaches maturity in many markets, we continue to see a demonstrated need for measurable best practices and benchmarks built on real-world results by recognized leaders in managed print and document services,” said Ed Crowley, CEO for Virtulytix. “These MPS leaders not only demonstrate leadership in MPS, but a genuine interest in the pursuit of best practices that benefit the industry and the customers it serves.”  This years selected leaders are:

  • Doing Better Business
  • Green Office (Pty) Ltd.
  • Xtandit
  • OneDOC Managed Print Services, LLC
  • SmartPrint, Inc.
  • Qualpath, Inc.
  • Loffler 

Measuring “True” Success

To compete in the near future, channel partners will need to take the right steps to be competitive.  To help move in the right direction, it is critical to know the real level of performance when measured against the ‘best of breed’ competitors in the industry.

Manufacturers will need to know the composition of their channel partners by measuring them using objective, independent measurements rather than just sales revenue. Sales may be great today if that is the only measurement of success, but what if the partners are the ones who get displaced? Can manufacturers afford to depend on the partner’s subjective perception of how competitive they are?

To help the industry measure channel success, we created our Leadership Index using select, innovative channel partners in North America, Europe, and Africa. This includes benchmarking 300 key business metrics including sales, operations, and service performance. The trends are impressive for channel partners with an average of 12 years offering services. This includes $389,340 average revenue per employee and 96% customer retention ratio. 

Only partners that Virtulytix determines to be among the best in the world are invited to participate in the Leaders Index. These aggregate results serve as a tangible set of benchmarks other partners can compare their own performance against.

The following chart shows the Leaders Index class of 2018 and how they rank according to the Percent of Fleet MPS versus Percent of Revenue from MPS as a part of their business.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.12.49 AM.png

About Virtulytix
Virtulytix is an independent full service Advanced Analytics firm. With over a decade of consulting and business transformation experience, we help our clients drive down operation costs and increase revenue through complex advanced analytics solutions. We are here to help every step of the way from initial conception, proof of concept, deployment, data visualization, integration and ongoing support.

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Sistemas Contino  Becomes First Reseller To Deploy Suppliesiq In Mexico



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President, Virtulytix, Inc.  
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Sistemas Contino Becomes First Reseller to Deploy SuppliesIQ in Mexico

Sistemas Contino, a leading provider of imaging solutions is the first reseller in Mexico to implement the SuppliesIQ supplies fulfillment and optimization solution from Virtulytix. The patented SuppliesIQ service reduces the waste associated with early replacement of toner cartridges and unnecessary shipping costs by up to 85% using predictive analytics technology. For many companies this helps to minimize the environmental waste associated with replacing printer cartridges before they are empty while helping to maximize supplies inventory.

Gerardo Poo Gil, Director General of Sistemas Contino says, “We are focused on optimizing our business and ensuring we have the most cost-effective method for delivering print services to our clients. Implementing SuppliesIQ allows us to reduce our costs and provide enhanced services to our clients.”

Acccording to Scott Hornbuckle, President of Virtulytix, “SuppliesIQ is the first predictive solution which accurately identifies when each toner cartridge in each printer will run empty based on the individual use, print environment, and other dynamics.” This is a unique solution which was developed by Virtulytix using the IBM Watson IoT analytics platform and custom coding to provide:

·       Real time, accurate prediction of the future date when the cartridge will be empty.

·       Unique predictions for each cartridge, not just for each printer.

·       Cloud based solution compatible with any fleet management software platform using standard API interfaces and file formats.

·       Secure – does not capture customer information; your data is safe.  We comply with…. Whatever we comply with.

·       Vendor agnostic – SuppliesIQ works with all makes and models of printers.

·       Ultra high throughput, the Supplies IQ platform makes predictions for tens of thousands of devices per hour.

The patented SuppliesIQ technology utilizes three different predictive algorithms on each cartridge, with the third algorithm dynamically picking the best prediction. By leveraging machine learning, the solution actually becomes more accurate the longer it is used and is able to incorporate both seasonality variations and other statistical models to develop the most accurate prediction.

SuppliesIQ is the first cloud based, fleet management software tested to be twice as accurate as linear algorithm-based fleet management tools for estimating when toner cartridges will be empty. In the same testing, the solution provided up to 85% savings of lost toner relative to unmanaged solutions.


About Virtulytix

Virtulytix provides advanced analytics solutions which enable industrial IoT device manufacturers and fleet managers to realize the full potential of their IoT enabled devices and fleets.

Virtulytix develops solutions using IBM Watson Cognitive tools, Tableaux, Python, and other advanced analytics technologies. The firm’s team of project managers, data engineers, and data scientists help clients reduce service costs, reduce logistics replenishment expense, and avoid unplanned maintenance for industrial IoT enabled products.

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About Sistemas Contino

Sistemas Contino is a leading technology provider in the Gulf Zone and Southeastern Mexico, specializing in solutions for the office. The solutions include multifunction and large format printing, computing, digitalization solutions, audiovisual equipment, printing supplies, materials and accessories, and specialized technical services.

The company has operational centers in Mexico City, Mexico State, Puebla, Veracruz, Villahermosa, Coatzacoalcos, Poza Rica, Xalapa, Córdoba, Oaxaca, Tampico, and Guadalajara.

We make your Industrial IoT fleet smart!

For 11 years, Photizo Group has been at the forefront of helping clients transform their business models to maximize their market growth in the rapidly evolving and dynamic imaging market. The firm advocated that to survive and thrive, imaging firms need to transform their business models to new service centric models. Photizo Group established a leadership position by being at the forefront of MPS.

Industrial IoT Solutions Firm, Virtulytix Launches From Lexington, Kentucky

Virtulytix is a new company focused on providing advanced analytics to clients across a broad range of industries. According to the company’s President, Scott Hornbuckle, Virtulytix is on the leading edge of advanced analytics with the specific goal of “making the Industrial IoT smart!”. While the company is new, it is leveraging the experience of a group of seasoned industry executives including: