Virtulytix Delivers Interactive SMART Forecast

Access, Use, and Visualization of Forecast Data Now More Affordable

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Today, Virtulytix Inc, a leading provider of advanced analytics solutions for the imaging industry, announces the release of their “SMART Forecast” a new simple market analysis research tool providing advanced visual analytics capabilities. The SMART Forecast tool is an interactive web-based dashboard created from Virtulytix's four industry forecasts that enable an individual to easily view and compare data of one forecast or between different forecasts. It delivers several unique capabilities.

Dynamic visualization of data: Unlike typical forecasts delivered by large database files and pivot tables, the SMART Forecast uses advanced analytics visualizations making it easy for any user to see market trends, make comparisons between different market dynamics, and analyze forecast data. Criteria and metric selections are in easy drop-down lists so the user can easily select what is to be shown in the visualizations. There’s no need to have extensive database or pivot table skills.

Comprehensive industry data set: Virtulytix’s forecasts have over one million data points contained in separate forecast files – hardware, toner supplies, ink supplies, and media. Each forecast gives global and separate regional views. The SMART Forecast integrates these separate files into one database to give a single unified analytical toolbox.

Affordability: Consistent with its efforts to ‘democratize’ market data access and use, the SMART Forecast is priced on a per-seat basis starting as low as $4,999 per year. Multi-seat licenses and corporate licenses are also available. Virtulytix continues to offer the entire dataset files and pivot tables that are traditionally used for corporate strategic planning and the SMART Forecast is included at no charge with those purchases.   

Customizable: The SMART Forecast comes with standard views already available. Each view can be customized by the user in their selection of criteria and metrics. New views will be added over time. Customized dashboards for the SMART Forecast are available from Virtulytix for additional fees. 

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According to Tom O’Neill, Marketing and Product Management, “This is another step in Virtulytix’s effort to make market analysis and insights available to all levels of the organization, smaller organizations, and resellers. This type of information was previously only available to executive teams and the central research organizations.” Virtulytix calls this the ‘democratization’ of data. According to CEO Ed Crowley, “This is another example of applying the advanced analytics skills and tools that reside within our data science and data engineering team to make our data and analysis more useful and actionable for our clients.”

More information about the SMART Forecast and other imaging industry analytics products and services from Virtulytix can be found on the Virtulytix web site. For more details on the Virtulytix SMART Forecast contact Ron Iversen at


About Virtulytix

Formed in 2017 Virtulytix offers two group services; the Virtulytix Imaging Industry Group and the Virtulytix Predictive Analytics Group.

Virtulytix Imaging Industry Group serves the print and imaging industry as a leader in market intelligence, consulting and advisory services. With the mission of delivering deep-rooted and comprehensive print and imaging market insights, Virtulytix partners with clients to deliver insightful analysis and perspectives that help capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive success in organizations. Our successful research and consulting projects include working with top imaging firms, infrastructure providers, MPS providers, software firms, and end-user customers including a ‘who’s who’ list of Fortune 500 firms.

Virtulytix Predictive Analytics Group is a leader in providing advanced analytics solutions which empowers device manufacturers, resellers, and fleet managers to realize the full potential of their IoT enabled devices and fleets. As the developer of the unique SuppliesIQ™ service, an automated predictive supplies fulfillment solution, Virtulytix Predictive Analytics Group enables OEMs, distributors, and dealers managing fleets of imaging devices to achieve accurate just-in-time supplies replenishment ensuring customers get their supplies WHEN they need them - not too early and not late. Gathering data through the IoT and using tools such as IBM Cognitive solutions, Python and R, Virtulytix Predictive Analytics Group's team of data engineers and data scientists develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models producing predictive and prescriptive analytics that help clients improve customer satisfaction, reduce service costs, minimize replenishable item waste, and avoid unplanned maintenance. Used in the print and imaging, nuclear power, semiconductor, and manufacturing industry these predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions address inventory, supply, and logistics management challenges.

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