OFFICE JAVA is Served by Virtulytix



Date:  March 12, 2019         

Media Contact – Tom O’Neill

Vice President of Marketing and Product Management

Phone: 631.983.7854



OFFICE JAVA is Served by Virtulytix

A new way of receiving print and imaging industry market information

Virtulytix has launched its new and innovative market intelligence online subscription-based service, OFFICE JAVA. Designed for office print and imaging executives who want one place to go for a quick daily view of industry trends and dynamics and objective expert analysis and insight, OFFICE JAVA will also be a welcome service for those marketing intelligence, product development and market analysis professionals who don’t have access to larger market analysis services due to budget reasons, or who want to easily and affordably augment their current annual services. Office print and imaging resellers and MPS providers will find this new service affordable and valuable to keep on top of what is going on in the industry.

Offering a monthly per-user subscription of $9.99 per month or an annual per-user subscription of $90.00 per year, Virtulytix is positioning this service to be a powerful way to ‘democratize’ market intelligence by providing a broader scope of choice to the traditional users of market intelligence as well as make market dynamics data more accessible to those who haven’t had easy access to it in the past.

“For busy office print and imaging executives, OFFICE JAVA will bring an easy to scan dashboard that can be used daily to keep up to date with news, trends and dynamics that affect their business decisions”, said Tom O’Neill Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Virtulytix. “Perhaps as important, members of product development and marketing teams that executives rely on to execute strategic and tactical actions will now have the ability to get this same information, affordably and efficiently. We believe that will result in better alignment of vision and purpose throughout the entire organization”, said O’Neill.

Published daily, the OFFICE JAVA Dashboard has 4 views:

1.     Page Volume Index (PVI) – the industries only real-time index of page volume trends across vendors and devices using actual page volume data from the thousands of imaging devices Virtulytix monitor every day

2.     Virtulytix Views – insightful analysis by one of our experienced industry experts, each with more than 30 years in the print and imaging industry

3.     Market Dynamics – data which articulates important trends or dynamics related to the industry

4.     The Market Feed – a news feed of current industry information

Ed Crowley, CEO of Virtulytix explained, “We’re proud to deliver this service to the industry. With the information we are providing, and the ability to directly schedule a call up with one of our industry experienced analysts through the OFFICE JAVA site, we believe this is the first of its kind in market intelligence delivery.” Crowley said, “Our goal is to make OFFICE JAVA the first place an office print and imaging professional goes to each morning”.

To see what OFFICE JAVA looks like go here  You may subscribe to the service by clicking on that page or you may go directly to to become an OFFICE JAVA member.

About Virtulytix

Formed in 2017 Virtulytix is comprised of two group services; the Virtulytix Imaging Industry Group and the Virtulytix Predictive Analytics Group.

Virtulytix Imaging Industry Group serves the print and imaging industry as a leader in market intelligence, consulting and advisory services. With the mission of delivering deep-rooted and comprehensive print and imaging market insights, Virtulytix partners with clients to deliver insightful analysis and perspectives that help capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive success in organizations. Our successful research and consulting projects include working with top imaging firms, infrastructure providers, MPS providers, software firms, and end-user customers including a ‘who’s who’ list of Fortune 500 firms.

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