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Stop throwing away money on wasted toner!


The Problem

One of the largest threats to profitability for MPS providers is the early replacement of ink and toner cartridges. When these are replaced before they are truly empty, usable toner and ink is discarded. Effectively this waste reduces the yield on every cartridge you ship by 15 to 20%! This results in over $50 in extra shipping and toner costs per device for every fleet you are managing. If you are offering seat based billing, an MPS contract, or even traditional ‘per page’ or CPC billing services, your customers are throwing away your toner with every cartridge they replace. In today’s highly competitive market can you afford to loose 10 to 15% (or more) of your supplies margins?

Manufacturers and suppliers don’t want dealers and resellers to fix this problem - why would they - it helps them ship more toner to the dealers and resellers because they are not getting the stated yields from their cartridges due to users replacing cartridges early. That is why Virtulytix invested over three years of development to build a solution which is truly ‘plug and play’ pay for use solution. We charge a per device fee which provides over a 300% ROI from day one. Our goal is to make it easy for dealers and resellers to leverage this technology without making a big up-front investment, we have already done that for you.

The Solution

SuppliesIQ is a solution utilizing Virtulytix Advanced Analytics technology for predictive modelling of key usage metrics to accurately predict when a cartridge will run empty. An accurate replacement date allows for the replacement cartridge to be delivered just before the installed cartridge runs empty, reducing lost toner by up to 80%. This is the only way to change wasteful consumer behaviour which hurts the environment, without negatively impacting the end customer experience! In fact, this solution lets you improve your margins, and provide the customer with a great message - they no longer have to worry about running out of toner or ink, and they are helping reduce waste and save the environment.



  • Plug and Play - We have designed SuppliesIQ to work with all the leading fleet management systems and platforms. We can work with APIs, flat data files, CSV’s - essentially any type of data!

  • Fleet optimization - New functions include identifying over- and under-utilized assets and predictive forecasting of warehousing / stock requirements for supplies to optimize logistics and fulfilment.

  • Pay For Use - We don’t ask you to pay big up-front fees or deployment fees. We charge monthly for each device which we monitor with our system.

  • Automatically adjust for business cycles - toner usage shifts during peak and slow seasons, SuppliesIQ takes seasonality into account and adjusts accordingly.

  • Proven Technology - The system has been operational and deployed globally since late 2017.

  • Actionable Insights - SuppliesIQ is designed to integrate flexibly into your existing infrastructure. Predictions can be sent via email, viewed via interactive dashboard, or integrate directly into your ERP system.

  • Risk Free - New clients can try the solution free of charge. To see what level of savings is achievable for your organization, and to begin your journey, click below

  • Enable automated supplies replenishment - streamline supplies delivery, reduce wasted toner, maximize profits. Without an accurate prediction of the supply empty date, automated supplies replenishment systems actually increase toner/ink waste - dropping your margins!

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In managed print environments, cost management, productivity, and profitability are key measurements of a successful program. Toner cartridges are regularly changed prematurely leading to increased cost and reduced profitability for service providers in managed print engagements. In fact, based on our analysis, 15% of toner is wasted of average. This occurs for a variety of reasons including early replacement based on low toner alerts and early cartridge shipment based on linear algorithms that do not take into account business seasonality, among others.  If a cartridge is depleted and a replacement is not readily available, the device is down which impacts productivity.  Utilizing advanced analytics, accurate automated forecasts of empty cartridges can be created which take into account how an individual device is used including types of printing (i.e. print intensity/coverage, mono vs. color), print volume, and seasonal variations leading to increased efficiency and profit margin for service providers.